The Metaphysicien is a personal blog, of my own encounters with Metaphysics, particularly Cosmology. In the quest to know more about the universe, I rely on great scientists and research of the past and the present. In no way am I going to understand everything fully, nevertheless, I do not wish to stop. I am not creating something new or making discoveries, but merely collating work of others to get a better picture of the world (universe) around us and sharing it with you.

As I learn more about cosmology, I will share, improve and update the current work. If a learned person finds my understanding incorrect, I must be corrected. All the blog posts are categorised as ‘The Theory of Everything’, ‘The Universe’, ‘Space-Time’, ‘Gravity’ and ‘Philosophy of Being and Existence’.

Turbulent Combustion

Atul Gupta
United Kingdom

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Atul.
    Would you mind if I share some of the stuff on your blog? I would like to translate some of these things to Arabic as I am involved in popularizing science in the Arabic speaking community.
    Mostly translating materials from English to Arabic. I have a team helping me do other tasks to contribute to the Project.

    I would love it if I have your “blessings” :D

    MK Toma

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  2. Dear MK Toma,

    Yes you may!
    For each article that is translated, could add the below lines please?

    “Original article translated from Metaphysicien by permission of Atul Gupta”

    The word Metaphysicien should have a link to the original article on my blog.

    This would help us both.



  3. splendid piece of work bro ! infact i too am a die hard fan of well cosmology n ofcourse astrophysics , above all singularity , space time , relativity , origins of our universe , steady state vs big bang , black holes , event horizon , time travel , relativitt etc ! keep the good wkrk going !

    Liked by 1 person

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