Psychic: Time past and Time future?

Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future,
And time future contained in time past.
If all time is eternally present
All time is unredeemable.

-T S Eliot

Poets have been deforming time; stretching it, slowing it and even stopping it. What can be said about the time past and the time future? Or rather, what do you want to know about the time past and the time future?
The quest to know the future has given rise to Psychics who don’t know what they are talking about, but can you really know anything other than events in time present? Yes.

First method, is to travel faster than the speed of light and you will get back in time past. But Einstein’s special relativity does not allow for that. [No point of even showing a representative image, none exists]

Second method, find a Einstein–Rosen bridge, or most commonly known as a Wormhole, which Einstein’s theories allow for, we just need to find one. Impractical it seems, science fiction movie producers love it.


Third method, comes from the Theory of Everything, which is what I am concentrating on. I had discussed that there 12 fundamental particles (Quarks and Leptons) and they interact in 4 predictable ways (Strong and Weak force, Electromagnetism and Gravitation).


If you could know the positions and velocities of each of these 12 particles, you can know the future and the past, because you know how they interact with each other [*Read footnote]. Everything we have ever done and will do, can be calculated if at time present we can determine the position and velocity of each of those particles. Even human brain and our behaviour. Human feelings are only chemicals and hormones interacting with each other, still made of of those 12 fundamental particles, therefore being just as predictable. You would truly be intelligent then, as envisioned by Laplace.

But, bam, this equation appears.

 \sigma_{x}\sigma_{p} \geq \frac{\hbar}{2} ~~

This equation represents the uncertainty principle, proposed by Werner Heisenberg, which states that the position and momentum (thus velocity) of a particle cannot be accurately determined at the same time. The more precisely you measure the position, the less accurate will the velocity prediction would be, and vice-versa. One can only know the probability, but not the exactness.

Concluding the third method, now that you cannot know the positions and velocities, both at the same time, one cannot predict time past or time future. A simple conclusion of the above equation can prove any Psychic wrong, and when sometimes they do predict events which come out true, it’s a mere spooky coincidence; leaving you with an interesting video to watch.

If you know of any other SCIENTIFIC method for determining the future and the past, do share!

*You might argue that only <5% of the universe is made of those fundamental particles, and the rest is dark energy and dark matter, so even if the positions and velocities of the fundamental particles could be determined, you still would not know the future or the past. This can be true, however neither dark matter or energy interact with these particles directly. Dark matter and energy only influences macro-level large-scale structures, like galaxies and galaxy cluster. This needs to be further investigated.

2 thoughts on “Psychic: Time past and Time future?

  1. All events in time future can not be determined, but we have a fair amount of accuracy about most of the events, like: The sun will rise tomorrow, when will eclipses happen for the next 1000 years, what will be the position of the stars in the next century and so on, because they are based on macroscopic movements of particles, for which the position and velocity is both easy to determine.

    Coming to the point of non scientific ways, there are none, because if of all the beliefs, anything is true, it is Science. So, I wouldn’t know any other means.


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